Reform the FIP

Sir Donald Bradman 1908-2001

Time for a Change

The FIP “Fédération Internationale de Philatélie” has looked after stamp collectors and philatelists since it was founded on 18th June 1926.

It has grown from a society of a handful European Philatelic Federations to an international Federation with a network throughout the world.

  • 95 Regular Members (National Philatelic Federations)
  • 3 Associated Members (Continental Federations)
  • Promotional Members (a new type of Membership for Postal Administrations)


Many of us think that it has lost its way, and that it doesn’t have a clear sense of direction or identity.

Many of us believe that without change there is no unified future for philately. Bernie Beston, at his election in Bangkok in 2018, made it clear that he understands the need for change, for building bridges, and for modernising the FIP.  He has an overwhelming mandate, although a significant minority of members have still to be convinced. We expect him to deliver on these promises. See his programme published in April 2018, A Plan for the Future.

A lot of people will be watching ...

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