A Strategic Plan for the FIP


Katherine Wilson (Kate) Sheppard (1847-1934)

 Ask yourself, can the FIP answer these questions?

  1. What is the FIP for? What is our vision?
  2. What are our Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats? What do we do well? What do we do badly?
  3. Does our organisation help us to achieve our objectives?
  4. What will we be doing in two, five and ten years’ time?
  5. Do our members and exhibitors trust us? How do we earn and retain the trust of our members?
  6. Do we communicate our objectives to our members? Do we have a common set of objectives? How do we make sure that we listen to them?
  7. Are international exhibitions sustainable in their present form?
  8. How do we develop our hobby? (not just exhibiting, but the whole world of philately)
  9. We are a wealthy organisation – in philatelic terms. What is the money for?


The honest answer to these questions is that we don’t know because we probably haven’t discussed them since 18th June 1926 – and it’s time that we did.

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So, what should we do?