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Congratulations. You have found the Friends of the FIP – and the FIP does need friends. Look at the site, read the program and let us know what you think. — 28 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting such a great series of questions. All we need now is a great series of answers! I’m a passionate believer in the concept of the FIP – but it does need to work for everyone involved in philately, not just a select elite.

  2. I believe FIP needs to give careful consideration, and preferably adopt, each of the reforms suggested by Friends of the FIP if it wishes to maintain its relevance to our great hobby.

    Bob Zeigler

  3. Congratulations on well thought out and well written strategic document. Effecting those strategies will be critical, and there is not a lot of time to do so. What are the next steps and who will take them?

    • Thanks Mark: Let’s see what sort of response we get, and the next steps will follow. At the moment the priority has to be to get the project out to as many interested parties as possible. If you use Facebook and Twitter etc. please share the website. Otherwise, just forward it to friends, and we will see if the ripples turn into waves.

  4. Congratulations on a well thought out and well written strategic document. Effecting those strategies will be critical, and there is not a lot of time to do so. What are the next steps and who will take them?

  5. A noble cause but not likely to succeed in the face of ignoble and corrupt officialdom. I think it will take major pressure in addition to good ideas to force change.

    • Thanks Rich, I’m interested to know how strong is the feeling that things need to change. My guess is that there is a fear of retribution abroad in the world of international exhibiting, which, if true, is another reason for change.

  6. This website and content are a good idea to get the discussions rolling. An important set of questions. I hope it generates the desired results.

  7. I am very glad that this initiative took shape and I hope this website will be able to gather like-minded philatelists aware of the urgency to reverse the route at the FIP level. As a quite young philatelist (I am 40), deeply involved in exhibitions, juries and all matters concerning organized philately, I feel too important the future of our hobby and how to give it again its prominent and deserved role.

  8. Excellent document, congratulations. I agree fully that change is necessary to save FIP! I fully support your initiative!

  9. The program passed in Taipei deserves more attention than it is getting, and deserves to be addressed by the FIP Board rapidly and thoroughly. Hopefully this effort will encourage that, and there will be positive results. The deadline of December 2018 allows for glacially slow movement, and given the fact that the initiative was passed with a bare majority, my expectation is that the report when it comes will agree with most of the program outlined and be long on verbiage but short on action items. We need to make it plain that the announcement of good intentions will not suffice or quiet the valid criticisms. This is a good start toward lighting a fire under the board, but it is only a start.

    • Surely, but one of the problems is that no-one, no federation, no affiliated philatelic body, ever stands up to say what they think at the Congress, or indeed any other philatelic event which involves the FIP. We have a culture of grudging compliance, not positive action. So long as there’s a public silence, without formal challenge, there will be no change. FIP Congress is traditionally like an Eastern European election in the sixties and seventies. We need the wall to come down.

  10. Changes are needed. I am working hard in Uruguay to make stamp issues more related to everyday life I mean stamps should acompanish everyday life with its message…I mean… why issuing stamps with planes in drone era ??? etc etc…
    what about online exhibits..? I have learnt a lot with some sites… ? what about bringing all stamp philatelly knowledge online … people will discover a facinating world..

  11. Whilst I think that Chris, and the clear effort and thought that has gone into this site and its subject is admirable, we, as a collectors community need to concern ourselves with other issues apart from that of a moribund FIP. The major concern that I have is the ever advancing average age of collectors that belong to local or specialist societies or are actively involved in the hobby. Whilst in the USA the APS is promoting youth philately, and to a certain extent ABPS tries to in the UK, the numbers of younger people entering the hobby are tiny compared to the over 70s currently involved.

    I feel that the participants in our hobby will become even more hidden with an increasing use of internet based buying and trading and the reduction in active dealers attending shows unless this trend can in some way be reversed.

  12. Thanks, these are all real points, and one of the fundamental problems for the FIP is that it has, in the context of the whole world of philately, a vanishingly small group of adherents. Add this to the age profile of those exhibitors, and the enterprise is not sustainable. Add to this the narrow focus of the present administration, and its lack of a development programme, which together make further decline inevitable, unless we have a radical change. Without support from postal administrations, most Asian shows are unsustainable, and you have to ask what happens when they take the same view as almost all western equivalents, and withdraw all but the most sales led funding. It’s the blindness of the present Board that infuriates me, not who gets the Grand Prix at an international show.

  13. Please see my letter to the editor in the last issue of The Philatelic Exhibitor for my thoughts on FIP. Major reforms are urgently needed if FIP is to remain relevant in world philately. Congratulations for your efforts to reform FIP. The revolution has to start somewhere and this is the best way so far.

  14. Dear Chris, dear all!
    My impression: A good and long needed initiative! The AIJP will give you full support (see next coming “Philatelic Journalist”, July 2017).

    I whish good luck,
    best regards
    Wolfgang Maassen
    President of AIJP

  15. Dear Chris,
    Wonderful initiative. Although we had very good FIP-commissaries for Thematic Philately in the past 20 years, also high-level thematic exhibitors should be promoted. Therefor we started IATP (International Academy for Thematic Philately). We will be happy to cooperate!
    Mark Bottu

    • Proposals for changes of policy should be sent to the FIP Secretary General, AndrĂ©e Trommer-Schiltz at ats@f-i-p.ch. Best copy them to me, since FIP is not good at replying to correspondence. Proposals really need to come from National Federations, not from individuals, and this is one of the biggest problems with our (we are paying for it) international body. It’s much more about personalities than it is about policies. This is what needs to change.

  16. Dear Chris
    Much thanks for this good and hopefully useful initiative that I fully support. I strongly hope that things move forward.
    Best regards,
    Serge Kahn
    AEP Secretary General

  17. Dear Chris,
    A very positive set of proposals and I sincerely hope that individuals will pressure their local Federations/organisations to react and work on these proposals and develop them further.
    I wholeheartedly support this initiative and will try and help where possible.
    Eddie Bridges

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