FIP has an election for a President in 2018

Laura Secord (1775-1868)

We have to make some changes. Read the programme. Contact us to say what you think should be done. If you don’t agree with what we say, then say why, and make other suggestions.

Please think before you vote at Congress, Ask what do the candidates stand for, not who they are, or how they can help you personally. It's the future of our Federation that matters, and the future of our hobby.

We must get away from discussions based on personalities, and we have to help philately move forward. If you agree with us, then support us by electing a President with a programme at THAILAND  2018 in Bangkok on 2nd December 2018.

So, what should we do?

Chris King Philatelic CV 2018 Chris King Election Statement
Nomination form FIP Congress 2018
Bulletin One Congress Anniversary
Bulletin Two Towards an Honest Partnership
Bulletin Three A Charter for Change
Bulletin Four Time to Look at the Jury System Boletín Cuatro - Español
Bulletin Five - Improve Communications Boletín Cinco - Español
Bulletin Six - An open letter to the Federations of the FIP Boletín Seis - Una carta abierta a las Federaciones de la FIP Bulletin Six - Lettre ouverte aux Fédérations de la FIP
致国际集邮联合会的一封公开信,simple 致國際集郵聯合會的一封公開信,classic