The 74th Congress at Taipei


Pippi Longstocking – The Strongest Girl in the World

The Taipei congress agreed a programme for change.

Click here to download it.

You wouldn’t know this from Flash, it wasn’t printed there.

It’s not in the President’s report on the Congress.

The resolution is not on the FIP website.

The only comment is in the Congress Highlights paper which wasn’t posted until March. It says “MOTION FROM ABPS - A secret ballot was requested to be held for this motion. The motion was approved by total of 42 votes in favour, 38 votes against and 1 abstention.”

So, 42 Federations voted for it. These are 42 federations who pay subscriptions to the FIP.

These are 42 federations who together with the others, own the FIP.

The Federation belongs to its members, not the Board.

An international organisation must be open and ethical, and it should be seen to be open and ethical. The FIP President doesn’t seem to understand this basic principle.

So, what should we do?